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E51 Sustany Capital - Blockchain Venture Fund, Newport Beach, California

May 24, 2018

E51 Sustany Capital - Blockchain Venture Fund, Newport Beach, California




Christian Kameir lead the merger of two of Europe's first Internet service providers as general counsel for NIKOMA, today part of the largest European ISP in 2000. After founding Yelp-predecessor Colizer in 2004, and selling the operation in 2008, Christian joined the board of several high-tech companies. In addition to majoring in business, he is master-certified in NLP and a graduate of Muenster's School of Law. Christian is also a guest lecturer at the Rady School of Business (UCSD), speaker and writer for technology magazines covering topics from artificial intelligence to blockchain technologies since 2010.


Sustany Capital is focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investments. 


International Blockchain & ICO Solutions

My areas of expertise and interests are in future technologies, network effects and sustainability. Currently focussed on:

 Initial Coin Offerings / Tokenizations (strategy and smart-contracts)

Cryptocurrency Investing

Knowledge Engines

Narrow A.I. / User Agents

Digital Marketplaces