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E74 - John Gotts The Eliot Ness of Crypto and Blockchain! - Founder, Chairman & CEO BitcoinLatina Foundation

July 14, 2018

E74 - John Gotts The Eliot Ness of Crypto and Blockchain!  - Founder, Chairman & CEO

BitcoinLatina Foundation

Founder & Chairman at Artium Magnam


I am the world's foremost expert on compliant coins, whether stokens (security tokens) or commodity cryptocurrencies. I started the first crypto self-regulating body with pioneers of the most successful coins, I co-wrote the best legal argument to-date on creating a compliant commodity crypto or stoken, I am the founder of Artium Magnam, which is Latin for Great Trades.


Founder & Chairman

Artium Magnam


This is a first draft of the Artium Magnam coin.  I want the artists to work from the most beautiful Latin American coin, the 1947 50 Peso gold piece. It will always only be a security token.  We will soon list this at for accredited investors who will have to prove identity (KYC/AML) and prove they are accredited through a third-party.  They will then be able to see offering documents and reserve a spot on our white-list (being accredited to us is as critical as taking money from the correct partners).


We will be raising $25M at a $100M cap (or 20% discount) in a convertible note, which we hope will convert into the Regulation A+ public offering.

Artium Magnam is the world's foremost compliant coin keiretsu with the following divisions: - Compliant Coin Onramp

DAX88 Compliant Coin Exchange - BitShares Hard-Fork on Graphene

BitcoinLatina Ventures - Latin American Coin Investments

BitcoinLatina Commodity Coin - Used as a Pair to BTC/LTC/ETH on DAX88 Exchange & All Coin Offerings *similar to ETH use on ICOs and soon sold directly to retail buyers for fiat.

FO.VC - Crypto-Focused Family Office Venture Capital


SteemIt Hard-Fork



Compliant Coin Legal Firm



Founder, Chairman & CEO

BitcoinLatina Foundation


Helping Build a Stronger, More Educated & Prosperous Latin America.


The BitcoinLatina Foundation is a for-profit benefits company. We consult and provide a platform for liquid, fractional ownership in family office-quality opportunities in renewable energy, water delivery, desalination, real estate and agritech, with a focus on decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing the Community-governed EOS-based blockchain in Latin America. is the first place that you wanna go when organizing and event or conference. 

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