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E97 - HouseAfrica UPDATE - Leveraging blockchain to redefine the African Real Estate Market - HouseAfrica - Nakia J. White

November 23, 2018

E97 - HouseAfrica UPDATE - Leveraging blockchain to redefine the African Real Estate Market - HouseAfrica - Nakia J. White


Our mission is simple, leverage blockchain technology as a transformative tool to redefine and simplify the real estate market in Africa.  

We built a platform for The Real Estate Industry

HouseAfrica is a decentralized real estate and rental ecosystem that will develop quality affordable houses and use blockchain technology to make buying, selling and rental process of properties less costly and more convenient and secure.


Entrepreneurial, globally focused, and politically savvy, HouseAfrica Acting CEO Nakia J. White, MBA, is highly regarded throughout the public and private sectors for her keen insight, motivational leadership, and tireless community engagement. Her strategic and analytical thinking have bolstered initiatives ranging from promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment across five cities in Kenya to partnering with former New Jersey Mayor, now United States Senator Cory Booker to implement several political and economic policies. She has been recognized as “Volunteer of the Year” for outstanding dedication to volunteer work across the United States and abroad, with proven expertise in political risk assessment, international media, political strategy, campaigns and candidate development. Ever curious about technological advancements, she moved into the blockchain space and has since worked with several blockchain companies interested in exploring the blockchain terrain in East Africa. 


Since 2018 Ms. White has committed herself to guiding HouseAfrica to become the future model for the entire real estate industry, leveraging blockchain technology and building a key network of investors to transform the real estate market and affordable housing in Africa. She leverages her background in real estate as the former Chairwoman of the Newark Planning Board where she oversaw over 1 Billion dollars in approvals of development projects to ensure the continued growth and success of HouseAfrica. As a motivational and influential leader, Ms. White is committed to the guidance and development of her team and building internal and external partnerships. She brings passion for sourcing and incorporating new technologies that evolve the organizational landscape.

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